Meet Ron White

Sensei Ron White is a 4th Degree Shotokan Karate Instructor with over 40 years experience. He is a member of the International Shotokan Karate He has trained with Sensei Teruyuki Okazaki and Sensei Greer Golden throughout his career. Sensei White is also a registered Firearms and Defensive Tactics instructor, who teaches concealed carry classes at various points throughout the year.

Below are Ron White’s thoughts on his training, our school, and the martial arts:

“I started my martial arts training in May of 1960. I started training in Judo at the S.A.D. (Scientific Arts of Defense Club) the very first club in Youngstown, Ohio. John Sadilik and George Gormet were my first Judo instructors. Mr.Gormet had trained in Japan and held a Nidan in Judo and 1st Kyu under Mass Oyama of the Kyokushinkai Karate Organization. The S.A.D. Judo club was responsible for bringing Sensei Okazaki to Youngstown for three days in the summer of 1962. I have been training under Sensei Okazaki ever since then. I earned the rank of Sho-dan in 1967. I currently hold the rank of 4th dan. I hold rank in Judo and Aikido. I have trained under most of the senior J.K.A instructors over the last forty years such as Sensei Nakayama, Sensei Nishiyama and Sensei Enoeda. Each has influenced me tremendously. Since the early 1970s, Sensei Golden has provided me with his superb technical teaching methods and corrections. I feel Sensei Sugiyama has also been a major influence. The old S.A.D. club was unique in that it was three clubs in one: Judo, Karate and Aikido were all practiced there. When the Ohio Judo and Karate Association of Cleveland hosted Koichi Tohei I was there taking falls for some of the clubs Aikido seniors. Sadly each group went their own way and the Judo group ceased to be.

Of the unarmed methods of Japanese Budo, Judo, Karate and Aikido are supreme in their teaching methods for unarmed self-defense, physical and mental discipline, and character development. Many people seek self-defense. Any martial art that claims to teach self-defense must be a weapon based system. In 1981 I founded TOTAL DEFENSE SYSTEMS . Under this name I started teaching a select group of students the modern techniques of the pistol, as taught by Jeff Cooper. I started training and researching blade and stick arts both Eastern and Western.

I feel we have the most comprehensive systems of self-defense and personal development methods found anywhere in the world. We also teach those who qualify firearm safety and concealed carry classes of the Colt 45 auto and other handguns and other weapons-based systems. In our school with the teaching of the three major unarmed martial arts and the true America martial art (the fighting handgun) East has truly met West.”

–Sensei Ron White