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Gun Safety



The first day of class we cover the physical properties of guns and thier operation, types of guns, safely using a firearm, sight alignment, carrying and holstering, and the laws regarding concealed carry. Class materials are supplied for you courtesy of the National Rifle Association.
The second day of class we go to the range for "hands on" firearms instruction and qualification. Safe handling, proper sighting and aiming as well as defensive methods are stressed.
Upon successful completing the class, you will recieve a completion certificate so you can obtain your Concealed Carry Permit. You will have a Ohio Concealed Carry Application in your class packet to fill out, and submit to your local Sheriff. The fee in Ohio is $55. You can also download a ready-made fill out form HERE. The form is in the Adobe PDF format, and you can type right into each required field on the form. This form does require the Adobe Reader, and if you don't have it, you can get it HERE.
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